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  As time passes by, were going to say goodbye now. although it is the moment

everybody doesnt want, but we have to face it. weve already stayed together for

three whole years, and it must be the most unforgettable time in my life. first

of all, thanks a lot for my teachers help. ive improved a lot in every aspect.

secondly, thanks for all of my dear classmates. youve provide me with happiness

and excitement whenever youre around me. ill never forget you all!

  During the whole three years study, ive learned a great deal of knowledge.

being with you, i understand the true meaning of friendship, happiness, and so

on. its the most precious treasure in the rest of my life. as a student, i have

my own plans. im going to a good high school, and i hope i can go to one of the

key universities in china. i will also go abroad if possible. in a word

,whatever i do, ill be beneficial to the development of our great motherland!



  Hello, everyone. It is a great honor for me to be here to express my feelings.

  My friends, it is time for us to say goodbye. However, I will forget the

golden days of junior high school. They are forever locked in my memories! In

the past three years, I am grateful that I could study with you.

  First of all, I’d like to thank all my teachers. It’s you that let me konw how

to be a good person. From you, I know that as a good student, we should not only

study hard, but also mean well and help each other. Then, I’d like show my

appreciation to all my friends. I am grateful that I could study with you. Being

together with you, I can totally be myself. I do not need to hide anything from

you. When I am sad, you are always on my side to cheer me up.

  We will soon become senior high school students. We must go forward, to a

different world, we are no longer the children, who only want to play fun with

each other. We grow up from now on! It is a long journey, but let us begin!


  good morning, my dear teachers,what is friendship? the answers may be

different. but one thing is clear that friendship is the most important

ingredient in the recipe of life. we cannot live without friendship just as we

cannot survive without air and water. friendship gives us a feeling of security

and warmth, and friendship encourages us to go ahead all the time.

  everyone needs friends and is eager to get friendship. when we feel happy, we

can share our happiness with friends. when we feel gloomy, friends will comfort

us. if we are arrogant, our friends can persuade us, and they can make us

confident and brave when we are discouraged.

  friendship is valuable. it can touch your heart and give you hope. many people

are proud of having a good friend. true friendship must be sincere and must not

have conditions. if you help your friends for no reason but simply because they

are your friends, this means that you regard your friends as yourself. this is

true friends.

  true friendship should be based on mutual understanding, not on mutual

benefit. moreover, both must also have similar ideals. if not, their friendship

still cannot last long. sometimes, people have good friends when they are young

and studying in school. however, after graduation, when they are working in the

society, their friendship will soon come to an end.

  mutual understanding doesn’t always mean that we should know every thing of

our friends. it means that they have similar ideals and trust each other. on the

other hand, doing similar things can build up the friendship.

  in fact, friendship isn’t always easily kept. when you want to keep a friend,

you should treat him or her like you want to be treated. keep the secrets that

your friend tells you. keep your promise with your friend. share things with

your friend. stick up for your friend. we should try our best to protect the

friendship from being hurt. as an old saying goes, “friendship cannot stand

always on one side.” true friendship should be able to stand all kinds of tests.

  because of friendship, our lives are full of happiness. therefore, the more

friends we have, the more pleasure we can share with them. let’s say “thank you”

to our friends for their love and care. no matter where we go or who we become,

never forget to keep the beautiful friendship!


  Hello, everybody!

  Previously, I always feel that "time flies" exaggerated, may seem

today, time really is fleeting. Soon to leave his alma mater, and at this

moment, I felt so true sad parting.

  Three years of junior high school life will end soon, but in front of it all,

or so familiar, so friendly. Teacher for the kind words also ring in the ears,

as if I have the floor under the teachings Listen meaningful; students bright

smiling face lies ahead, if we prepare for the test side by side together.

Junior high school three years of wind, frost, rain, snow, cold at night even

the painstaking and studied Gloomy dawn suffering, but also so memorable and

moving. I remember three years ago, we are a group of ignorant teenagers, we are

the first from their parents, especially as I do at home "clothing to hand

food to mouth," who came to this group, I am afraid, timid, and in the past

self-confidence had gone. Is you, my dear teachers, are you saved me, you told

me that confidence is not necessarily successful, may lack self-confidence is

bound to fail; you care for me in every possible way, always pay attention to

me, so I learned to face difficulties see a ray of hope……

  Thank you, my teacher, you teach me knowledge, but also taught me the skills

fighting wind and waves. Is you, my dear students, is that you again and again

patiently explain the problem to me, so my score is now moving slowly. In my

depressed when you constantly bring me joy and helped me out of the woods. You

continue to encourage me, help me, you are kind, selfless, and you remain in my

memory in all, I will never forget.


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