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下面就是小编给大家整理的2020年最新初三英语作文精选范文6篇生活的启示作文,希望大家喜欢!  初三英语作文:Television  With the development

of imformation techology, ‘television’ has been the most important

way which is tansmission of imformation. It’s a conveiniet way to see the

things happened around the world.  For most people, television is necessary in

our daily life. You can learn more and more konwladge, see the outside world by

watching TV. And there are many programmes that can make us smart on television.

After hard work, we can relax by watching television. We can watch television

whenever. For the children, it’s a good way to nicrease the enthusiasm on

the science and let them grow up faster.  But every coin has two side. As a new

way, it’s also has shortcomings. If you watch TV not in you spare time, it

will become a waste of time. It’s bad for our health to watch television

more. If you. watch television so more, your vision will be made down by it.

Before it inviet. We spend our free time with our family and friend. Nowdays, wo

spend our time on TV. there such many bad progammes on television too. That let

us be too lazy to work.  In a word, television is necessary in life. But we must

be restrained to watch television.  初三英语作文:The Weekend  Climbing the Great Wall

at the Weekend .  It was weekend again, and it was sunny. My parents told me to

pay a visit to the Great Wall . When we got to the bottom of it, we saw a crowd

of people there. Boys and girls, young and old, men and women were everywhere.

We were all excited and began to climb it . My parents asked me to be careful.

We followed the steps, walking towards the top of the Great Wall . Wow! What a

nice view! The sun was shining , the wind was blowing , and the small hills are

connected to each other far way. The Great Wall lies on the earth , just like a

huge long dragon.Soon we reached to the top of the Great Wall. Everything seemed

to be under us. We werewild with joy and couldn’t help shouting out! That

was a great weekend, we all had fun.  初三英语作文:A letter  First, don’t be

angry with your parents. If I were you, I would talk it with my parents.

I’ll say :“ study is important, but we can’t only study. We

should be allowed to play computer and do lots of outdoor

activities.’’ If your parents don’t allow you to play or go

out. You could study everyday, don’t sleep and eat anything. I think they

should care about you. So生活的启示作文, they’ll let you not study. Finally, I hope you

can play and study every day.  初三英语作文:Little Avan  Evan is only 6 years old, but

he has to travel 20 miles a day to school by bike with his father. The family

moved to a new house in March .But no local schools have a place for him , so he

has to study at his old school, which is near his old home. Every day ,Evan has

to cross the busy roads with his father. The daily trip is so tiring for him

that he often falls asleep in school. It seems harder when the weather is bad.

The family doesn’t have a car Though there is a bus that could take Evan

from the new house to school, the family is too poor to buy bus tickets. Most

people have read his story in the newspaper. Now, Evan has been offered a place

at Kendall School to start in September. It’s the nearest one to his new

house.  初三英语作文:My fyiend  My friend is Ann.She has long straight black hair. She

used to tell jokes. But now she does not like telling jokes any more.She has

never been late for school .Last summer,she went to Beijing with school summer

camp. She visited the Great Wall and the Palace Museum.In fact,she went to many

places.Because her parents like her very much.She likes listening to music and

going for a walk at school She often helps her classmates learn

English,Math,Chinese and so on.She often makes dinner at home.Her parents are

very happy at home She is a great girl.Thanks for her helping my

study.  初三英语作文:A letter  Dear Linda,  How’s it going? As you know, I have

stayed in China for two years. And in these two years, I have visited many

places. Today, I want to tell you something about Beijing. A year ago, when I

was 13, I visited Beijing with my friends. We went there by airplane. It was

fast. And after we arrived. We visited Beijing University and Tsinghua

University. They are two of the best Universities in China. And then, we visited

many famous buildings like the Great Wall and so on. Beijing is very big and

prosperity. I bought lots of things there. It was cool. The trip made me relax.

Because Chinese are very friendly. I love Beijing. I love China.  I hope you can

visit China some day.  Yours,  Mary


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